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Contrans’ companies have been providing exemplary customer service since 1926. Our Company has grown largely through strategic acquisitions of specialized transportation companies managed by proven operators. This strategy has resulted in a broad, diversified service offering that consists of van, flatbed, waste, tank, dump and logistics sectors of the freight transportation market.

Built on small company values, Contrans is by design comprised of many small, independent operations making it one of North America’s most diversified freight transportation providers. Contrans’ subsidiaries are kept at manageable sizes making our operations more agile and more responsive to customer needs than our larger, centralized competitors. Moreover, our small company values give owner-operators and company drivers the respect they deserve. We are proud of the professional driving skills of these men and women and to have them serving as the face of our Company to our customers.

Contrans is a member of TFI International, a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry.

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Truck Stop Quebec – La référence No. 1 pour le camionneur
980 St-Louis suite #8
Plessisville, Qc
G6L 2M1
Tél.: 819-362-6089

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